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In 2005 we begin the first of our Canine courses. Like our equine series, we offer the Canine Foundation Massage Certification Course (CN3000) which we know will set the standards for the industry. Similar to the equine series, we will again ensure you understand the material through our layered education process that works so well! Certification as a Canine Body Worker (CBW) is available upon successful completion of your externship. Please call the office for more details.

These courses are available for everyone's continued education and are also open to those who are not attempting certification. Please check the brochure for any particular prerequisites for each course. Certification of one level does not necessarily have to be completed in a specific order to take courses listed under another certification level unless the course has a prerequisite. However, you cannot test for the Caninology Canine Body Worker Level II Certification until you have completed the Caninology Canine Body Worker Certification.

For those students who feel they have already met some of the requirements, testing will be arranged to challenge the individual course. There is an administrative testing fee for all courses challenged. Testing is accomplished through video and outlined format. It is not our intention that all courses be completed through Caninology. Our program has an outline that we feel will enable students to practice at their full potential. Insurance is available for those who wish to purchase coverage who are working where animal massage is allowed. If you have special state requirements, please contact us so we can tailor a program for you. Check with your state veterinary board for its existing laws of practice.


CCBWII Testing is open to all those having successfully completed the CCBW II course outline as described in the CCBWII certification. This testing is done through proctored testing (monitored and video). Once the student is registered and accepted for testing, the student has one year to arrange and complete the testing. A study outline is provided to the student upon registration, so register early.

Equinology tests the US, Canada and other adjacent students.
Equinenergy tests the UK, Brazil and other adjacent students.
EquiworkSA tests South Africa students. Please contact the appropriate head office for registration.

To take the CCBW Level II testing you must have successfully completed the Caninology Canine Body Worker certification CN3000 (or comparable challenged certificate course). For those just beginning their studies and are new to the dog handling and behaviour; we ask that you complete the CN3005: Introduction to Canine Body Work prior to the hands on courses. You must complete the following courses and the required externships:

CN3010 Advanced Massage Techniques and the Dynamic Dog
CN3015 Advanced Canine Massage Techniques Level 1
  Caniken® 5-day Anatomy in Clay survey or comparable dissection course
  Testing for Caninology® Canine Body Worker Level II Certification Program