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About Dawn Jones


Dawn Jones has been involved in animal health care since 1989 when she started as a trainee veterinary nurse.  She has since graduated with a BSc from the University of Cape Town, qualified as a Veterinary Nurse at the Royal Veterinary College and completed many years of apprenticeship under well respected animal physiotherapists, both in South Africa and the United Kingdom.  She is also a certified Equine Body Worker and Canine Body Worker.

Since the age of 19, when she was first exposed to animal physical rehabilitation, Dawn has been very clear that this is the field of work she wanted to pursue.  At this time, it was not an easy task to find training in this field, even when travelling overseas.  Despite this, Dawn has managed to develop into a skilled and well respected animal therapist.  Dawn is the first person in South Africa to obtain Competence Specific Registration with the South African Veterinary Council in the field of Animal Physical Rehabilitation.

Dawn divides her time between treating animals, lecturing and caring for her young family.  During her rehab treatments she focuses on understanding the underlying cause of the problem through thorough history taking and assessment of the animal and is a firm believer in a team approach to returning the animal to full function.  She uses a combination of soft tissue techniques and therapeutic equipment in her treatment and over the years has become more focused on the critical active rehabilitation exercises.

When not working or riding, Dawn's favourite place to be is in the mountains, with good friends